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The Millhouse Health & Safety COVID-19 Policy
Updated November 2021

We have devised this policy in order to keep guests informed of the new changes that are happening across the hospitality industry.

Whilst this is new to everybody, The Millhouse team and guests must adhere to the below protocol which will reassure you, that your safety whilst staying with us is of utmost importance.

Guests must take responsibility for protecting their own safety and are required to comply with the following COVID-19 Terms & Conditions;

  1. Prior to arrival, the lead booker is responsible for identifying guests into groups - households or social circles that are already close contacts and therefore do not need to social distance in line with government regulations.​

    1. Seating Plan – groups will be assigned designated seating areas in the bar, the dining area and outdoor seating areas. You and your guests are required to adhere to this for the duration of your stay in compliance with social distancing.

  2. Room allocation – please ensure guests are accommodated in groups. Individuals are welcome to use our glamping facilities if additional accommodation is required.

  3. Prior to arrival, the lead booker is responsible for all pre-screening of guests and must ensure all guests complete our pre-screening form before arrival. This is required to assist with governments contact tracing efforts and will be shredded in compliance with GDPR after 14 days. It is also recommended that all guests have the COVID Tracker app installed on their mobile phone before arrival.

  4. Guests will be asked to present either a COVID vaccination certificate or a negative PCR test result before attending an event at the Millhouse. Staff will be conducting temperature checks also.

The Millhouse will be exclusively yours for the duration of the booking. Our team will adhere strictly to Fáilte Irelands regulations & all public health advice and regulations at all times. As part of our COVID-19 protocol The Millhouse have;

  1. Social distancing signage throughout the house both on walls and on floors.

  2. Sanitizing stations including lidded bins (for the disposal of masks, gloves & tissues) at all entry and exit points of The Millhouse & throughout the house.

  3. Barriers in place in waiting areas so that guests can safely socially distance and maintain a one way system.

  4. The outdoor courtyard will be available for guests from different groups to interact where the environment is more suitable for social distancing requirements having more space and lots of ventilation.

  5. A COVID-19 Enforcement Officer – We are required by law to enforce social distancing so we may have to remind your guests to maintain social distancing requirements from time to time. This is both for your guests safety and everyone they come in contact after leaving The Milllhouse.

  6. Pre-ordered food – As per government regulations buffet / family style service is no longer permitted between groups, therefore groups must pre-ordered all meals in advance and it will be delivered to each groups table separately.

  7. A face covering policy for all guests and staff.

  8. Protection screens around reception and all bar areas.

  9. Contactless Payment - We ask all guests to use contactless payment. Cash will not be accepted during your stay.

  10. A reserved room for isolation if required - This room will be kept free for any guest who feels unwell or shows any symptoms of COVID-19 during their stay. They will be asked to wait here until The HSE has been called and a test is arranged.

  11. Service – Our service may be a little slower due to staff maintaining social distance and allowing for the optimum number of guests to be present in a designated space. Please bear this in mind. We appreciate your patience.

  12. Guests are responsible for their own compliance with Public Health Advice – “DATE”. They must adhere to all guidelines in relation to personal hygiene, respiratory hygiene and social distancing.

    • D – Distance

    • A – Activity

    • T – Time

    • E – Environment

As part of our COVID-19 protocol Staff in The Millhouse will;

  1. Sanitize The Millhouse per HSE regulations;Bedrooms & ensuites will be fully ventilated and sanitized between guests with special focus on the high touch points such as light switches, doors, chairs etc.

  2. Remote controls will be sanitized and encased in plastic for easy cleaning.

  3. Foggers will be used to clean curtains, carpets and bathrooms.

  4. Steamers will be used on all soft furnishings.

  5. Cleaning staff will be on duty for the duration of your stay

  6. Staff will continually clean high touch points such as stair railings, backs of chairs, door handles, communal bathrooms etc.

  7. Doors will be propped open to avoid handling where possible.

  8. Toilet seat covers and sanitiser are available in all public toilets.

  9. Windows will be open where possible and fans will be used to allow optimum ventilation throughout the house.

  10. All staff will wear full PPE including masks and gloves and have daily screening and temperature checks upon arrival.All staff have completed COVID-19 training and the COVID-19 Enforcement Officer will supervise staff during your stay. 

    • Safe Return to Work

    • Hand Hygiene

    • Social Distancing

    • Cough etiquette

    • We use ozone sanitizers throughout the house and foggers in all bathrooms & outdoor areas

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