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History of The Millhouse

Steeped in history since 1766
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Built in 1766, The Millhouse and The Old Mill Slane, the weir and the millrace were once considered the largest and finest complex of its kind in Ireland. Originally a corn mill powered by two large water wheels, the harvest was hoisted into the upper floor granaries before being dried, sifted and ground.

Over time, the Old Mill became a specialised manufacturer of textiles turning raw cotton into luxury bed linen. Times have changed but this past remains part of our history, acknowledged and conserved.

In 2006, The Millhouse was creatively rejuvenated, transformed into a hotel and wedding venue of unique character - a nod to the early 1900's when it briefly served as a hotel-stop for passengers on pleasure steamer boats.

Our path of heritage continues. Today The Millhouse serves a new generation as one of Ireland's most characterful wedding venues.

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