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Small Wedding Venues - So what’s so awesome about an intimate weddings?

Ireland is a country of rich traditions, and weddings are a huge part of them. But 2020 (being the crazy year that it is) doesn’t spare traditions, and we are all learning how to adapt. I’ve recently had the pleasure to capture a few intimate weddings, and I love seeing the new perspective on what a wedding can be like.

For me it’s actually like going back to basics - at my own wedding 5 years ago we had just 30 guests. And, like any bride would say, it was a super fun day. So I actually know first-hand how lovely an intimate wedding can be.

Aodhanit and Pete tied the knot at The Millhouse Slane at the end of August, after postponing their big day by 4 months and cutting 75% of their guest list. And they’ll also tell you they had the best day!

Less stress

Most couples want to have a relaxing wedding day, and yet most couples will tell you that there’s always some amount of stress involved. But organizing a party of 50 people is very different to 200 people! Having a more intimate wedding also means having the closest friends and family around, and you can count on them to be on hand to help and make your day as easy as possible.

Attention to Detail

With smaller guest numbers there’s just so many more opportunities - not just in terms of budget but the little DIY details you can add throughout the day. Drinks reception games work so much better for smaller groups. I absolutely loved Aodhnait and Pete’s idea to print out a photograph of each guest to use as table place cards. Pete hand-made each little easel stand out of clothes pegs - all 45 of them! But the nicest touch for me was a personalized message the couple wrote on the back of each card - definitely a memento the guests were happy to take back home! The delight on their faces as they entered the dining room was a joy to photograph.

Quality Time

It also means you get to spend more quality time with each other. Because no matter how important your friends and family are to you, your wedding day is first and foremost about the two of you. Enjoy it together!


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