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A Bicycle Built For Two: Anderson & James

We're falling hard for this pretty, personality-filled wedding at The Millhouse in Co. Meath. The couple's grand entrance is something special! Every now and then, I come across a real wedding that's so unique, I can't help but gush about it to basically everyone I know, regardless of whether they're engaged or not! The moment I saw Brazilian groom Anderson arriving to his wedding ceremony in a rowboat, and Irish groom James arriving on a flower-filled cargo bike, I knew that this was going to be one of those weddings! Their big day at The Millhouse in Co. Meath was impeccably stylish with lots of sweet personal touches, including a nod to Anderson's homeland in the form of some delightful-looking Brazilian sweets, all of it captured in glorious detail by Leanne Keaney Photography.

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