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I was delighted to be asked to be Sandy and Kieran’s wedding photographer at the Millhouse in Slane and after hearing their wedding plans I knew it would be an extra special day! Sandy and Kieran’s love story began when they first met each other while working at water service in Belfast. Having worked there for a number of years, it took a change of offices to bring them together and everything after that was history.

Sandy and Kieran both got ready for their ceremony at the Millhouse, and even had the chance for a delightful “meet cute”, sharing a glass of champagne together while they each stood on either side of the door. Having a special and intimate moment together is always a favourite moment of mine to capture throughout the day. Having their children involved in the day’s festivities was important to them; they have a young daughter together named Jess, and Kieran has a son and two daughters of his own, all of whom were in the bridal party. It was beautiful to watch the love in their eyes, as they witnessed their family joining together with this union as well.

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