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The amazing wedding day of Jennifer Tweed and Alan Keegan

We chose our venue because… We said from the start that we wanted to get married in a relaxed venue that let us put as much of ourselves into the occasion as we could.We would like to say that we searched high and low for a venue but we didn’t.  When we visited The Millhouse in Slane we immediately knew it was the right place for us. We loved the ceremony room, the lovely country house and quirky bedrooms, the scenery on the banks of the river Boyne, and also the bathtubs randomly dotted about the grounds.  Essentially it was the bathtubs that sold it. One of the things that sold the venue to us was that we wanted a small private venue, where we could have both our ceremony and reception in the same place and which we could completely take over for the day.  The Millhouse fit the bill.We also loved the old buildings and quirky features, which we knew would look really good in the photos, contrasting with all the colours of the wedding decorations and everyone dressed up for the occasion.The staff were superb throughout and provided us with so much support both in the planning on the day itself.

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